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Did Bronwyn Bishop just trigger Auspol russian roulette

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Looking beyond the Bronwyn Bishop issue, Corey Farrell examines the Auspol landscape and cares not for what he sees.


When Joe Hockey stood upon his necessarily reinforced soapbox and declared that the age of entitlement was over, we rejoiced. Happy days. Well Joe, in light of recent events I would go one further and suggest that the age of self-entitlement is alive and kicking, shrouding over the political landscape in a mushroom cloud of nuclear avarice, to the point that even the speaker of the house is involved.

If you’re anything like myself, your mind span and your ears steamed when learning of Bronwyn Bishop’s Wolf of Wall Street escapades.

First the taxpayer funded $90,000 two week Euro jaunt/job interview. The $5000 helicopter Liberal party getaway. And to top it all of the stones to suggest and it was a simple “error in judgment” and that she would not be stepping down from her job.

All this from a person who will no doubt land herself a high paying job after politics and also access her disgustingly large parliamentary pension in full for the rest of her days. What makes this a harder pill to swallow is she supports a party that openly argues tooth and nail for no increase in the minimum wage. Hmm.

The rage rose and made me ponder and marvel at a couple of things. Firstly, where does this self-entitled grandiosity and expectancy in our elected officials (on both sides) come from? Was it an elective in their private school educations? Or did Mumsie plant such class irreverence in them after Play School?

Either way, it makes the Auspol landscape a very sad state of affairs.

Now, as I understand it BB has “technically” not broken any rules, but let’s discuss this for a second as I think there is a bigger problem here. Especially when it comes to the impartiality of the speaker in the House of Representatives and the spirit of the rules. I strongly believe that the role of speaker, to be truly impartial, cannot be a partisan one.

What I mean is we cannot have a situation where a supposedly impartial speaker is a former front-bencher and long time bestie of the Liberal party. I would say the same of all former speakers who have been aligned with either persuasion.

In my opinion, we need to farm this role out to a barrister or other law professional who has no political affiliations whatsoever. This may be naively idealistic, but what we currently have is bollocks.

I have become so disengaged with politics, as have many of my friends, due to the blatant self-serving nature of most politicians. We’re left with a conundrum. Since there is no one who we feel represents us, we have two options. Lie and choose some “campaign-colour-approved-tie-wearing-twat” in whom we have no faith, or flush the vote. The whole thing is rife with the prioritisation of big business’ interests and winning polls, instead of actual reform and progression, like a smart young nation should. Tow the party line and shut your mouth.

My cynicism and apathy may be unhinged, but so is the strange beast of “The Just Because Voter” who says genius things like “Well, my dad voted Labor and so did his dad so I’m gonna vote Labor too!” Or the “I don’t like that one so I guess I’ll vote for this one.”

This is where we are at, people. We are so devoid of a decent option we choose on the basis of no real intellectual substance or just complete apathy.

I get it.

The left and the right lanes of politics have ever so slowly merged over time into what is now so middle of the road you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a one party system…and it’s a party to which none of us have been invited.

I don’t know what the answer is, but we must be able to hold these power drunk fools to account somehow.

After all, we are supposed to be their boss.

Corey Farrell

This is Corey Farrell. He is an aspiring Don Draper (minus the misogyny) who writes x-rated poetry, imaginary monologues, rants on rugby league and occasionally angry open letters to inanimate objects who simply can’t and won’t respond. He likes meat and puns, and firmly believes ‘a steak pun is a medium well done.

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  1. Corey said:

    Hi Jarrad, thanks for reading. I have no political preference so I’m not sure where your “beloved Greens” comment comes from, the tone of voice was meant to be directed at all sides of politics and politicians.

  2. Jarrad said:

    Good article but idealistic. First of all Corey, this hoo-ha over Bishop is not completely accurate and you should take a look into the finances of the Green’s Sarah Hanson Young. Watch her recent trip and look at what she actually privately funded and what the taxpayers funded – You are probably unwaveringly focused on being anti-liberal/labor but it would be good to see that your beloved Greens are guilty of severe financial misconduct. Lets talk about THAT ONE!

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