TBS Flag Poll: The Australian demonstration flag

After the Reclaim Australia demonstrations we’ve decided that Australia needs a simpler flag, one we can use purely for protest, so we’ve created the TBS Flag Poll.


The Australian flag represented both sides of the argument during the recent Reclaim Australia demonstrations. It was confusing.

What we need is a flag to be unfurled at times of conflict. The Eureka flag is no good, as it already stands for something, which could lead to further confusion. We need something to reflect what we’re all about. Something simple, Something you can add your message to. Something we voted for.

So Australia, Cast your vote in our TBS Flag Poll!

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment box. (After all this is a democratic process)

We’re open to name suggestions. Best name wins a slice of Australian history.

Once the votes are tallied, We’ll be releasing our creation on social media.

Be proud, Australia. It’s ours.


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