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About Cr Jenny Green

Elected to the City of Sydney Council as an Independent Councillor in September 2012, Jenny is also the Academic Director of the National Judicial College of Australia. She is an active community advocate and supporter of small business and has a special interest in the revitalisation and diversification of retail and entertainment precincts within the LGA. Jenny is a long-time sponsor of a number of aid organisations and is a volunteer director on the board of Trade Winds and the Sydney Community Foundation.

WiFi: Sydney’s embarrassing problem

Cnr Jenny Green says it’s an embarrassment that Sydney lags well behind its state and international counterparts for the provision of free city WiFi.

Quite frankly, it’s becoming an embarrassment that Sydney lags well behind its state and international counterparts for the provision of free CBD WiFi. As Australia’s leading global city, it’s imperative that our State Government gets on with implementing it ASAP.

Digital strategies are high priority issues for governments and businesses alike to support and enable service delivery and communications in the rapidly developing digital climate, so one has to ask why the NSW Government is not getting on with the job.

My Notice of Motion to the City of Sydney Council in March this year requested the City’s CEO work closely with the State Government to deliver free WiFi within the Sydney CBD, but the State Government is yet to act.

Over a number of years, the State Government has been advising the City of Sydney that it will set up free WiFi. Given it owns vast areas where significant business and tourist activity is centred – The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, Botanic Gardens, The Domain, Barangaroo, etc. – the NSW Government has to acknowledge it has slipped well behind the digital 8 ball.

The City of Sydney is willing to collaborate and has offered its infrastructure in the public domain – by that I mean the smart poles – to fast track implementation.

Major retailers have told the City they are anxious to have free CBD WiFi access installed, especially with impending impacts on business and tourism during construction of the light rail.

The NSW Government must act quickly to provide every opportunity to keep the CBD working at full capacity not only whilst massive new infrastructure is underway, but well into the future.

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