Long Reads: Poverty and last resort motels, Republican candidates, idiocy

Richard Jackson’s Long Reads introduces a little-known Presidential candidate and showcases people in poverty living in cheap motels (and the fact we’re all idiots).


Against all odds – TA Frank (National Journal)

George Pataki. Heard of him? Me neither. Well, he is one of 17 people competing to be the Republican candidate for president. He has no chance of winning. And I really hate saying that, because it is presumptuous. But the media say the same thing about Bernie Sanders who is running for the Democratic nomination, who I like. But Pataki is not Sanders, he really doesn’t have a chance. Why would he run? Why put yourself through the strain and the effort?, asks journalist TA Frank.


We are all confident idiots – David Dunning (Pacific Standard)

I don’t remember how I ended up on this article. I was just Googling stuff, and clicking on this and that I ended up here; I read it and it resonated. Did you notice that I capitalised Google over the word president? Yeah, fuck the system. Or does that still make me a corporatist shill? I am an idiot, yes, but confident? No.


No room at the inn for innocence – Joe Mozingo (LA Times)

In America it was estimated that 2.5 million children lived in run-down motels, cars and shelters, on friends’ and relatives’ couches and on the streets, according to the National Center on Family and Homelessness. Budget motels have now become a last resort for people.

Journalist Joe Mozingo hones in on the family life of people living at a Country Inn in San Bernardino County where the situation is particularly bad. He talks to alcoholic mothers and fathers, and the neglected children who shouldn’t have to grow up this way.

As explained at the end of the article, this story is part of their ongoing coverage into San Bernardino, “the poorest city of its size in California”. Good to see journalist making conscience efforts to expose poverty and those affected by it.


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