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TBS Top 5 themed cafes (that actually exist)

They may be a bit on the tacky side, but when done right, we reckon there’s nothing better than a themed cafe, so TBS have selected five of the best for your decorative dining pleasure.


Forget the Hard Rock Cafe or Johnny Rockets, we are all about themed cafes – the weirder the better! Here are our top 5 must-visit cafes that actually exist.

1. Breaking Bad Cafe

In Istanbul, Turkey, you can drink your coffee out of beakers served to you by baristas wearing yellow hazard jumpsuit and your milk can come in a test tube. Super cool, with the owners making sure everything feels as authentic as possible without infringing on copyright (It is Breaking Bad-THEMED, guys – no lawsuits allowed). No Walter running around in underwear though which is probably a good thing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.39.25 pm


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.39.42 pm


2. Modern Toilet Restaurant

Fancy eating out of a toilet? Now you legit can and it’s totally hygienic. Modern Toilet Restaurant chain in Taiwan allows you to not only sit on a toilet to consume your meal, but to eat out of miniature toilet bowls. According to Trip Advisor the food is average, but the concept is cool to most people. So if you are in Taipei Ximending, you might want to try it out and send it to your parents.





3. Giger Bar

The Giger Bar is located in Switzerland and is based on the works of surrealist painter HR Giger. The bar is a masterpiece, with skeletal structures and sculptures showing the work of the late artist most well known for his design work on the film Alien.




4. Twin Stars Diner

How much trouble would you be in if you asked someone their age during a job interview, let alone if you only hired twins! We’re not sure how they got around this one, but a restaurant in Moscow will only hire staff who are twins. Every employee, from the cooks to service staff share their job with an identical twin wearing a matching outfit. Total discrimination against all only children and non-identical siblings.


5. Ryan Gosling-themed bathroom

Okay, so it’s not an entire cafe dedicated to Ryan Gosling, but the fact that there is a bathroom that’s actually wall-to-wall images of the actor is kind of amazing. Sushi restaurant Bang Bang, located in San Diego realised the actor needed to be honoured and could think of no better way than in the toilet. Girls are apparently coming from all over to take selfies in the bathroom, so…success (we guess)! Given Ryan Gosling’s Instagram post, we’re not so sure he’s down with it yet.




If you could make the ultimate themed cafe what would you choose?

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