Long Reads: The horror of the internet, Pablo Escobar, Hollywood and the Pentagon

Richard Jackson’s Long Reads touches on the morbid horror of the Internet, the legacy of Pablo Escobar and Hollywood’s depiction of the Pentagon.


If these girls knew that slender man was a fantasy, why did they want to kill their friend for him? – Lisa Miller (New York Mag)

The Slender Man is that creepy Internet meme that looks like a weirder version of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas. It is fantasy horror depiction that grew and morphed in the minds of two impressionable 12-year-old girls, who seem to have had a tentative grasp of reality anyway inspiring them to attempt to murder their friend.

This article relies on written records from police interviews and court hearings with Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser to construct a picture of two very confused girls. Sad story.


Pablo Escobar will never die – Jesse Katz (GQ)

Pablo Escobar, a man seemingly born/created so Benicio del Toro could play him. Escobar was a really great dealer. Like, a really great dealer, he hooked everyone up in Colombia; he was always on time and had really good stuff, man. At the height of his power, he was regarded as one of the richest men in the world, with the cartel he controlled bringing in more than $60 million a day. He was also a murdering psychopath, who peddled his influence at every level of Columbian society, buying elections, and even getting elected as an alternate member of Chamber of Representatives of Columbia in 1982. He was also a great philanthropist, constructing schools and churches, so, as journalist Jesse Katz explains in this piece, perceptions of his legacy are mixed.

But did he wear tighty whities like Walter White?


Hollywood and the Pentagon: A relationship of mutual exploitation – Jamie Taraby (Al Jazeera)

This article touches on the history of the relationship between Hollywood and the Pentagon. Basically if a Hollywood director or producer wants heavy firepower, they go to the Pentagon. If they need soldiers or advice on military operations they go to the Pentagon. There are so many requests made that there is the necessity of employing a Pentagon liaison officer for Hollywood, there is always someone wearing sunglasses inside, claiming he’s from “another agency”. The article touches on the gridlocked two-way street of Hollywood reference and borderline propaganda.


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