Susannah McDonald has lived through the pain of losing a beloved  TV series and has shared some tips with TBS to help you overcome your grief.


The struggle is real. The pain is immense. It’s gone. Your Number One show has ended and there is nothing you can do to bring it back to life. Everyone lives in hope for a comeback, but in your heart of hearts you know it will never live up to those long evenings you spent together. So how do you move on? How do you get through a day of work knowing that there’ll be no next episode to come home to? How do you focus on anything other than the fact that the characters you have grown to love and accept as your own, will never live another day? I don’t know, but I’ve lived through what you’re feeling now. Here are some steps that helped me ease the post-traumatic stress.

Step One: Grieve

Grieving is an important part of moving on. You need to allow yourself time to remember those who are gone and who aren’t coming back. Remember with fondness and remember with sadness. These characters played a pivotal role in your relaxing time; be it comic relief,  the edge of your seat biting your nails moments or your heart warming fuzzes. In short, they meant something and moving onto another Number One straight without a second glance rarely works out for anyone. If you absolutely need someone to rebound with, make sure it is a second tier TV show, one that will fill the void for the time being but will never replace your Number One. Your number one needs to hold that place in your heart for a little longer. You need to give it the time it deserves.

Step Two: Rediscover yourself

This is the stage where you can re-examine who you are and what you want out of your next Number One. This is the experimental stage that requires constant dedication in the pursuit of you. Begin by trying a new genre, mix it up, to see if you are open to other styles. There is a world of entertainment out there for you, you just need the courage to reach out and take it.

This is the stage where you are free to do whatever you please. Start a series and then switch half way through if it isn’t what you are after. Google the top TV series around the world and see if any of them tickle your fancy. Truth be told, if millions of people can fall in love with the same TV series then you probably can as well, but don’t succumb to peer pressure. If what suits everyone doesn’t suit you, be brave. Continue to believe that there is another One out there for you, one that will tick all your boxes without having to compromise. And finally…

Step Three: Find the next One

After all your searching, there is guaranteed another One out there for you. It may not initially make you feel like your original Number One, but don’t let that stop you. These new characters could become friends and family just like the last ones. Don’t shut them out because they are different. Allow yourself to fall into a new series with wholehearted abandon. If you have followed these few simple steps then the ones you have chosen will catch you. Allow yourself the joy of having a number One show again. Remember those gone, but embrace the future. It’s out there waiting for you.

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