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Sam Blacker delves into the deep world of podcasts, presenting a quality selection from here and abroad.


To try and classify the podcasting world would be like trying to paint the aurora borealis with a broken lead pencil.  There are hundreds of listening communities who are truly devoted.  Podcasting has reached such a point that international podcasts like The Dollop and Welcome To Night Vale toured Australia to sold out crowds. So if you’re yet to start podcasting, here is a quick start-up guide to what you’re missing.


The Dollop: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss a topic from American history at length, except the topics range from The Great Vampire Wars to Experiments with Dolphins. There is a reason this podcast had sold out shows when it toured Australia.


Tofop/Fofop: The podcast child of Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen was my gateway podcast. Since its inception, it’s become far too complicated for me to explain, but start from the beginning and you will discover a whole podcasting community.


Can You Take This Photo Please?: Justin Hamilton’s long-running podcast where he talks to various comedians and entertainers. In many ways this was one of the early podcasts in Australia that led the way for so many others. He interviews friends he claims are “more famous” than him, hence the title – if you have lots of famous friends, you get asked by strangers to take their photo with your famous friend. Personally, I love his podcast and love his stand up, and I really hope there is someone who treats Hammo like their famous friend.


The Little Dum-Dum Club: Karl Chandler and Tommy Dassalo have been doing this podcast for years. Their listener base is heavily committed and their unrecorded “drunk casts” are almost at legendary levels.


The Thinkergirls: are Australian duo Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, who have based their podcast around being the girls who are “talking all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying.” The girls do definitely cover a lot of “sensitive” topics, but they make it fun and hopefully bring the topics a bit closer to the zeitgeist. Since they are both commercial radio gals, you may get the radio vibe coming across in their style. This has been spinning off into other content such as online videos and live shows.


Is This The Podcast: A great podcast where 5 guys submit various podcast ideas to general discussion. You witness some real creativity, and a bit of insanity in one episode where they literally propose 50 ideas in 50 minutes.


From The Internet: Hot FM WA Radio Host Ryan Jon talks to various guests “from the internet”. Guests include a lot of commercial radio announcers, but other surprising guests such as Ben Pobjie.


Poo Tales: Former Hamish and Andy producer Danny O’Grady has only recently started this unique podcast that talks all things poo. As well as a unique idea, he also brings the polish and production value of a radio professional to the table.


Osher Günsberg Podcast: Osher has done so many different projects and from the way he talks, it sometimes feels like he climbed a mountain and hung out with a bunch of monks for a while, but in this podcast he literally chats to everyone from Tara Reid to Leigh Sales and it can make for a very interesting listen.


Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet: I first met host Dan Wilkinson when I was in a queue to a live Tofop show in 2012. Since then he has started his own podcast, and his bold, up front attitude means that he has scored all kinds of amazing guests such as Wil Anderson, Blue King Brown’s Natalie Pa‘apa’a and a bunch of the podcast hosts I have already mentioned. He is about to head overseas to do social media for the LA Podcast festival, so I suspect we will see some more great guests pop up on his show!


Probably Science: Comedians Matt Kirshen, Andy Wood, Jesse Case and one guest per week all have a “sort of” background in science, and each week they go through the news in science. Guests have ranged from comedian Tim Minchin to spider monkey expert Dr Christina Campbell. Again, this podcast has a connection to Tofop through Matt Kirshen.


Welcome To Night Vale: A truly unique podcast WTNV “is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.” This has a massive following online, to the point that it is viable for this American podcast to actually tour Australia.


Sam Blacker

Sam Blacker is a radio jock at Wave FM Wollongong, but in his spare time will talk bollocks with a bit of swearing when he co-hosts the podcast Shut Up I’m Talking. Find him on Twitter @blackersam and check out the podcast at:

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