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Jordan King-Lacroix was born in Montreal, Canada but moved to Sydney, Australia when he was 8 years old. He has achieved a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney and McGill University, Canada, as well as a Masters of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney.

Celebrities reaching out to refugees…

Jordan King-Lacroix reports on the enduring hardships that Syrian refugees are experiencing in their new lives…like having breakfast with Bob Geldof.


With the Syrian refugee crisis coming to a head in agonizing tragedy, refugees from the war-torn nation must yet endure further shame and humiliation before they have a safe haven to call home. Although it gives them a place ostensibly safer than Syria, certain families are realizing everything comes with a price. Those learning this the hardest are the three families who opted to take up musician Bob Geldof on his offer to house them in his home in Kent.

“It’s a never-ending onslaught,” Tarek Ammar Homsi, 27, said. He is a father of two children, Shayma and Akram, and he fled Syria with his wife Zeinah.

“He has played Do They Know It’s Christmas? a hundred different times, on a variety of instruments. Ya lahwy, it’s enough! I think they know that it is Christmas. This is torture. I don’t know how to protect my children from this.”

Tarek and his wife have been debating leaving once more, taking their chances on the streets or in the abominable refugee centres, but the tug of indebted politeness stops them.

“He has done hassanat, a good deed, by letting us into his home,” Zeinah said. She has been stuffing cotton wool in her ears for the past ten days and has no plans to stop.

“But every day he plays, every day he shows us this Live Aid, every day he tells us how good a person he is being. I wish I had been able to live with Simon Cowell!”

The stories of the Homsi family and the two others who live with Geldof have made it back to the refugee centres where they are received with shudders and cries of fear. A new campaign amongst the refugees to let the families leave Geldof’s place, but as the refugees grow in number, it has been decided that more are to be allocated to Geldof’s home.

As a result of this, more and more of the poor and dislocated people are bypassing England entirely, for fear of their placement in a celebrity home. Those people heading to France and Germany have doubled over the last week. No word from British Prime Minister David Cameron as to whether or not this was the plan all along.

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