Long Reads: Parenting, alcoholism, the future of the Monarchy

Richard Jackson’s Long Reads addresses the future of the UK Monarchy, taking the lead in parenting and a lighter view of a dark addiction.


Why I put my wife’s careers first – Andrew Moravcsik (The Atlantic)

First up in Long Reads, the topic of how a man copes with being the lead parent. Society has traditionally followed the trend of women taking the lead on parenting. But in this article Andrew Moravcsik, husband to Anne-Marie Slaughter, takes us through the challenges he faces being the lead parent, why he does it and the pleasures he gets from it.


Rob Delaney: A beautiful, shimmering red flag – Rob Delany (Esquire)

Rob Delaney recounts his addiction to alcohol. From his humble beginnings getting drunk at the age of the twelve to the childhood parties, to adulthood, when his thirst for drink destroyed relationships. Seeing as Rob is a comedian the article is hilarious, as tied to the dark pits of alcoholism are the stories of being drunk and the casual bed wetting.


What kind of King will Charles III be? – Robert Booth (The Guardian)

Queen Elizabeth recently surpassed the towering reign of Queen Victoria to become the longest-reigning British head of state, and soon will be passing the crown jewels to heir Prince Charles. Charles is a meddler, using his opinions and his unelected position of authority to lobby the Government. He has lobbied over GM crops, the National Health Service and grammar schools to name a few, and he has even made statements on foreign policy. So, will Charles be more Prime Minister than Monarch? If so, is it time for the labouring British Empire to be put down?


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