Hey sleepyhead. Go back to bed. Don’t worry about work this morning, we’ve got you covered, with our TBS Sleep-in excuse form – backed by science!


You should still really be asleep. We’re with you, but you know who else is? Science. Your early morning saviour is Dr Paul Kelley, dream-boat and expert sleep boffin hailing from Oxford University’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute. Dr Kelley’s findings revolve around the concept of accrued sleep debt, the amount of sleep we lose because of our respective body clocks are not in tune with the patterns our work lives demands of us.
The (genius) good doctor goes on to suggest more appropriate hours in the workplace, or as he calls it “synchronised hours”. For example: those in their ’50s and above come in at 8am, while those in their ’30s start at 10am, and the teenage intern or apprentice be encouraged to turn up at 11am etc. This, Kelley says, will markedly improve performance, mood, health, ostensibly – EVERYTHING.

 Kelley says the working day should be more forgiving of our natural rhythms. Describing the average sleep loss per night for different age groups, he says: “Between 14 and 24 it’s more than two hours. For 24 to about 30 or 35, it’s about an hour and a half, above that age group it reduces until the age of 55, when we regain balance.”

Which is all dandy. But egghead scientific theory is little without action behind it, so we at the TBS Laboratories have engineered a form explaining this scientific break-through to an ill-informed member of management. So you’re covered. Slip back into bed and rest those peepers.

While we have you, don’t forget we are the source of all sorts of unnecessary templates and forms – like when our Social Media Mourning template.

Just print and fill out the form below and we’ll do the talking!
To Whom It May Concern, Please excuse


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