Undercover in Canberra, Jordan King-Lacroix has the results for Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet shake-up. And Abbott’s back on the front bench!


Newly minted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has, after a nervous first week, announced his new cabinet. And there are some surprises. It hasn’t been an easy week for the new Liberal leader, keeping busy by disappointing the LGBTQ community by maintaining the party line in regards to same-sex marriage. His new cabinet will surely cause more upsets.

“I feel my new cabinet accurately reflects the attitude of my new Prime Ministership,” Turnbull allegedly said in a press release.

“The more it changes, the more it stays the same.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been awarded the role of Environmental Minister, for his longstanding work “in and around” the environment. His work with the coal industry was cited, and also for repealing the carbon tax successfully.

“Mr Abbott is the perfect choice,” the press release went on to say. “He knows exactly what the environment looks like.”

Another shock was the appointment of disgraced Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop, to the position of Minister for Finance. Christopher Pyne was awarded Minister for Women and Joe Hockey is the new Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

“The aim of this new cabinet is to not introduce too many new faces,” the press release says of the “shake-up.”

“My real goal is to make sure that nothing at all changes, so that people don’t get scared. Too much change and people lose their minds. I thought this was the best way to approach it.”

Although criticised as “the same as Abbott, but with social skills,” support for Turnbull is on the sharp rise. This is despite the fact that he has made no indications about implementing any kind of change or steering the country in a more prosperous direction than the Abbott Government did.

Despite the rumblings, the public seems positive that these new changes will herald a new era of extreme prosperity for the Australian people. A notion that Turnbull is quick to agree with.


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