Resident TBS anti-comedian Susannah McDonald has recently discovered something to level the score against “funny people.” The meme.


What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese!

What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea!

Last night I dreamt I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted!

I apologise for all my dad jokes. Really, I do. I only inflict them on you to illustrate a point; one I am sure all of you are now aware.

I am not funny.

Not one single little bit.

Well, at least I wasn’t. I had reconciled myself with this fact and so had all those who knew me. After staring down the barrel of blank faces whenever I tried to tickle their ribs, I had settled with the fact that being funny was just not who I was.

Until I made a marvellous discovery, one that has changed my lack of humour status forever. And yours too if you let it.

The meme.

Since then, I have been elected the First Lady of LOLs, the Princess of Puns and the Empress of Everything that makes you…errr. The world of the meme has allowed me to rival the great comedians I was never destined to be. I am the female Chandler Bing and girly Jerry Seinfeld of my very own sitcom life. But the laugh track is real. For years I have had to sit back and let the clown of the class award go to someone who actually has wit, humour and the ability to command a room. Pfft. Those days are dead. The best bit about it is, I don’t even feel guilty. Not in the slightest. For too long the comedians have had their run of things, and now it’s my turn. My turn to have everyone in stitches because of something I said, my turn to have a crowd around me wherever I go, my turn to be the one that people will quote for years to come.

The everlasting beauty of the meme is that it can be used for a whole manner of situations.

Need to impress a new group of people? Want to break the tension? Want to swiftly change subject? Or just wanting to show off your obvious hilariousness on social media? The hardest part is the choosing. But you can always choose another. Post and enjoy the hundreds of comments coming your way on how spectacularly, brilliantly, funny you are. But that’s just the surface. The meme is adaptable, and it’s not leaving. So give in. There are memes for every social situation; scroll through the hundreds you have committed to memory and you are the new life of the party/wake/marriage/death/whatever.

There is no longer any excuse to be dull. Those days are over for us. The halls of your school, cubicles of your workplace, assumed relationships of home and unknown café crowds will be filled with the laughter that others are attributing to your joke, and not the other way around.

Once there was only a select few who were granted the gift of the gab. Now, the constructs of comedy that have stood for generations are obsolete. Suffer no more cranial fatigue trying to construct pathos, litotes, pay-offs, set-ups, or punchlines. It’s the future now, and anyone who wants the funny guy label can easily possess it. Those who wish to turn their next social gathering into a memorable one will need look no further than those magical four short letters.


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