Self, myself and some more of me, please

Brand new TBS writer Kate Turner lives in the age of “self” and after giving it some thought, suspects everything we selfify is really just a way to reach beyond ourselves.


Imagine living a devoted lifestyle of just thy self. Just you. Well, we’re not far away from that being a reality. Very soon, we won’t need other people. If we get lonely we’ll just print up a robot and get them to follow us around, tell us we’re lovely and hit on us. They’ve already got robots that look way too real; like they talk and blink and shit…not actually shit shit, but they do other shit. Ya dig?

We really are in a day and age of self, myself and some more of me, please.

Look, I’ll admit I’m a self-proclaimed photo-selfist, as is the educated majority of human society…yes you are. It’s just how it’s done. Whether to showcase a feeling or just you saying “Hey, I look alright today,” most of us do it.

To tell you the truth, it kind of makes me wonder. How did we get so self-involved? And why are we so unapologetic about it?

Sometimes it seems out of my control. For example, whenever I take a pic of myself, which can be almost daily, my mouth gets a mind of its own and begins to pout.  My neck begins its upward tilt to an unnatural finishing angle, as I look into my phone, eyes squinted to a semi “sexy” shape

I mean, come on…

I do wonder why I feel the need to do this. Yes, as a society we have become self-loving, self-pleasing and self-flagellating cretins staring into the Google-void. After giving it some thought, isn’t everything we selfify really a way to reach out beyond ourselves? Maybe, just maybe, we do this little dance to Band-Aid how harsh this self-way of living really is.

We take selfies to post on social media to gain likes from strangers, we star in self-videos to be viewed as special by strangers. What I’ve discovered is that after a number of likes or a number of comments, you just feel as empty as you did before, because you’re missing that intimacy, that personal face to face connection, that soul. In the end that’s a fallacy within the construct of our selfist living realities. What a horrid self-made world to live in, but we do it, because it’s important to us… apparently.

Just watch any Black Mirror episode that showcases the way the world’s heading and you’ll have the same realisation that I did. We’re headed to a point where if you don’t conform to self-living ways you’re fucked, and if you do conform, you’re fucked.

So I’ll say it, I think the idea of this self-living world is ridiculous, because we’re missing out on the soul of it all and that’s what life is about right? Without that soul we’re just empty peeps trying to survive this harsh me-me-me world. In the end, it will only be you-you-you and you’ll wonder what the hell happened to Jimmy!

Who’s Jimmy you ask? Jimmy doesn’t exist, he’s a metaphor. You know the one, he’s that long-lost, one-time flame of yours, the one you let slip through your electronic fingers, the one who unfriended you, the one with whom you lost touch because that’s the only form of contact you had. Now you just spoon your special pillow friend tightly and think back on the days you used to be happy.

The world has adapted to this lifestyle; it’s how we’re evolving and we have evolved quickly. Most interactions are done behind a screen; even if you’re with friends, you’re facing a phone screen. They even do therapy over Skype cause people don’t like leaving the boundaries of their bubbles.

Sometimes I think we’ve chosen to not choose. Why? Because we have everything at our fingers. So who needs people? We’ve got the phone if we want to chat (…texting, of course). We’ve got our computers to skype, because being face to face is too weird, we’ve got MF huge teles to dull out our own boring lives and instead live the dramatic character arcs. We’ve got robots to tell us bedtime stories and make us some night time nom noms (not yet, but I count the days).

If we need a kind warm hug we’ve got…well…oh we don’t… see it’s that damn soul again; guys we need it! We need others, human contact, advice that doesn’t come from ourselves or from the internet. We need love! See, as good as Technology and self-living can be, you do need some soul hugs homie; someone else that isn’t a mirror of you, or in fact even just a mirror reflecting you.

Yes we do need to learn to love ones-self, and provide for yourself and ways like that, but others do come in handy from time to time, so get out of your own face now and then and face a different face, face to face, and yeah.

So to sum up, how about we ditch the ‘self’ and find that ‘else’ …someone else…I’m trying to be hip here.

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