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Jordan King-Lacroix was born in Montreal, Canada but moved to Sydney, Australia when he was 8 years old. He has achieved a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney and McGill University, Canada, as well as a Masters of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney.

Muslims assure Pauline Hanson no one wants her house

After Pauline Hanson’s comments this week, Jordan King-Lacroix has a response from the Muslim community. They’re not interested either.


The ever irrelevant irreverent totally not racist politician Pauline Hanson is in the news again, with Islamic community leaders assuring her that no one, in fact, is interested in her house. Hanson had previously made comments that she would never sell her house to a Muslim, but it seems that her fears are unfounded.

“Her place is safe from us,” Mohammad Sayar Basara, representative of the community group, said yesterday. “It was constructed on bad foundations. The place seems dim, and very poorly thought out.”

Another spokesperson, Ishtar Nassar, from the Institute of Modern Living agreed, adding that she found Hanson’s home to be “in a cul-de-sac” and situated in an area of “limited growth”.

“I wouldn’t feel safe moving my family there,” Nassar continued. “The price for living there is too high, and it would be a drain on us not only financially, but emotionally. I’d find it hard to be at home there.”

Hanson has prepared a statement in reply, which she delivered this morning as she fought back tears.

“I don’t think what’s been said about my home is appropriate” Hanson allegedly said. “I feel persecuted and that’s not a very nice feeling. It is a nice place to live. Sure, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’s what on the inside that counts”

She went on to say that any Muslim or “anyone for that matter” would be lucky to live in her home, and she is now insisting that a Muslim sample her way of living, just so she can show them how welcoming it could be.

“Not only is it worth the investment,” Hanson purportedly said in closing. “But it’s a great place to raise your kids. We’ve got some new restaurants coming in. Lots of Syrian stuff. I’ve just slashed the asking price by fifty percent.”

An offer is yet to be made.

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