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UK’s next PM: Why there’s nothing wrong with Busey

After the Mayor of London knocked down a child on the rugby pitch, an irate TBS reader has come to Gary Busey’s defense (some people on Facebook seem to get confused who is who….).

Dear Editor,

Scrolling through my wall this morning, I was horrified. Horrified at the twisted backlash toward Gary Busey. It seems the general social media world had lost its collective mind. But I might be wrong. A quick google search however, confirmed my prejudices. The most populist search asked:

“What is wrong with Gary Busey?”

Let me tell you whats wrong with Gary Busey. Nothing.

He’s the Mayor of London.

Are you?

I’m not either, but i’m not the one the subject of a google bias. I don’t want to go on a tangent, but he’s done a great job revamping the troubled Metropolitan hub, and yes, while people decide to focus on the fact that he knocked down a 10 Year-old Japanese Boy on the rugby field, the same are quick to forget he also knocked down the approaches of the EU.

Busey is an infrastructure politician, grounded in reality (unlike the ones that we have, who claim to do the same). He removed the much maligned bendy-buses, eliminated the congestion charge, revamped the broken traffic light system – increasing the usage of the ‘intelligent’ SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique), as well as increasing the number (over 12,000) of affordable housing around greater London.

And he brought back Christmas.

My point is, Gary Busey is unique talent. He is as good an Actor as he is a Politician. He is a political force that has not come before. Schnitzel-egger was a better actor than politician (which boggles the mind) The posterboy for the US conservative right, Ronald Reagan, was as good at neither. In this aspect, Busey stands alone. He is the only Oscar Winner to a) Run a Capital City and b) Have a realistic shot at the top job of a First-World Country. The fact that he’s chosen to do so, in a country other than the one of his birth, deserves the greatest respect.

If he can take on the future problems of the United Kingdom, half as well as he dispatched the bank-robbers/surfer villains in Point Break, the future may well be bright once more.

Needless to say, I’m not a UK Citizen, but if I was, I would be proud to confer my democratic right onto Busey.

So next time you decide to criticise someone, Facebook, do yourself (and everyone) a favour, and do your research first.


(name omitted)

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