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TBS staff favourite Larry David has just made the staid Democratic race entertaining by appearing at Bernie Sanders on SNL.


We could not have thought of it ourselves, but the ultimate sendup for the US elections so far was won by the amazing Larry David, who surprised the SNL crowd by turning up as Bernie Sanders during their democrat debate skit. Alec Baldwin played Jim Webb, and despite going full “Glengarry Glen Ross” it wasn’t enough to steal the show from Larry. “We’re doomed, and we gotta do something and we gotta do it now” Bernie/Larry boomed, and when asked what he thinks about banks, we saw a glimpse of curb your enthusiasm with his trademark ‘eh…’.

The ultimate moment arrived when Bernie Sanders defended Clinton’s emails, before launching into a rage about how difficult emails are to use generally, and how he is the only candidate that is not a billionaire, he only has one pair of clean underwear that he dries on a radiator.

“Cooper Anderson” (Or John Safran?) was only okay. The truth is, some of these SNL political send-ups are cringeworthy but with Larry David jumping in as Bernie Sanders well…..it just became the best video on the internet.

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