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Long Reads: Gender fluidity, sign language, American Apparel

Long Reads this week tackles the sexualised advertising of American Apparel, love and gender fluidity, and a unique friendship.


Sex, drugs, and V-neck tees: Inside the cult of American Apparel – Alden Wicker (refinery29)

I do not get American Apparel as a brand…you’re paying $50 or whatever for a plain beige t-shirt! Just go to K-Mart! The store gets a bad wrap, and deservedly so in my opinion, thanks to their excessively sexualised advertising, including in one instance of a model who “looked under 16” or the advertising of a skirt that was just an upskirt shot of underwear. This article details the complex working relationship that employees and former employees have with the company and its highly sexual environment.


Paul Auckland Best: The barrel – Paul Auckland Best (guernicamag)

A story surrounding the personal relationship with the writer Paul Auckland and a deaf defendant in a murder case for whom he was interpreting in sign language. It’s an incredibly unusual story where Auckland is thrust into a murder trial and the guilt of the crime is not denied. His business has now become relaying information between the murderer and the system, information of the most gruesome kind.


They found love, then they found gender – Francesca Mari (Medium)

A love story between two genderqueer people, meaning “gender non-conforming, non-binary, or gender fluid,” set in Texas. The author really missed the opportunity to title the article We found love in a hopeless place. So disappointing. It is a really beautifully written story that details the complex issues that people have with their gender identity.


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