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Shia live streaming himself watching himself

Shia LaBeouf has done it again. He’s running a movie marathon of his own movies, featuring a live stream of him, watching himself.


For the man who inspired us all to not let our dreams just be that, Shia laBeouf has decided to do just go ahead and do it. Shia is currently running a movie marathon at the Angelika Film Centre, in NYC, where entry is free; with the idea of promoting art for arts sake. Shia’s movie marathon will be entirely populated with the movies of Shia. In reverse chronological order. For 72 hours.

Best of all Shia will be there, watching his life’s work:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.38.51 PM


I know. We’re disappointed too.

But fortunately, Shia has thought of that, under the banner #ALLMYMOVIES, Shia will be live streaming the event. Not the movies, no. But of Shia. Watching Shia.

You can follow his progress here.

What are you waiting for? DO IT!

Because today will be tomorrow, and then there’ll be only one day left.



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