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TBS Likes is a strange place where anything goes. Like International Waters, or Christmas morning after the shine has worn off and the booze has kicked in. May the ugliness commence.

Collective Noun: Sane John’s car yard

Finally. A used car salesman that doesn’t use his crippling mental problems as a business model. Thanks, Sane John!


Cultural conquistadors Collective Noun see far, and see things the rest of us don’t. Fortunately, they are good enough to share the insane alternate universe they stride in.

For example: What if used car salesmen weren’t insane?

What if they were businessmen, strictly on the level, with one eye on the market, and the other on the recommended retail price?

Question is, what would that ad be like?

Cue the wiggly screen of what could be:

Who are Collective Noun?

Well, who better to explain than…themselves?

“Each week we will deliver good ol’ fashion farm fresh sketch videos to you. Our sketches are grown free range using only the best organic scripts, so it’s guilt-free viewing. Sketch comedy, just like grandma used to make; that’s the Collective Noun guarantee.”

Collective Noun is the insane construct of Zach Mander, Michael Parente, Sam Borgert and Dom Fay.

You can find more Collective Noun at:

More videos – youtube.com/collectivenouncomedy
FB – facebook.com/collectivenouncomedy
Twitter – @collectivenoun_

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