Paris: #PorteOuverte & Safety Check: The better side of social media

With the horrors unfolding on Parisian streets, social media is showcasing the better side of humanity, with two important movements #PorteOuverte & Safety Check.


Amidst the dark Parisian streets, awash with confusion and terrible mortal choices, there is hope. While we may not yet know who was behind the acts, we know that people, fundamentally, are still people.

With most of central Paris blanketed under armed security, who are turning the populace indoors, those same doors are being flung open via Twitter with the hashtag #PorteOuverte, offering sanctuary for any Parisians who may be stranded on unfeeling streets. An amazing humanitarian move, with homes opened to perfect strangers, sat in shared loungerooms, nothing in common, except the realities of the situation.

Rolling news station, France 24 are also reporting that Parisian taxi drivers are turning off their meters, escorting people to safety, free of charge.

Simultaneously, Facebook has launched a function titled ‘Safety Check’ allowing those in the afflicted areas to mark themselves ‘Safe’. Spreading the message to newsfeeds and walls worldwide; allowing friends and relatives prostrate with the fear of the unknown, sweet, absolute closure. Their loved ones are safe.

While social media is maligned (and sometimes rightfully so) as being unimportant, the derma on the body of society; tonight, in the city of Love, it is being used for all that is right and true.

Raw, bare, true Humanity. The streets are still ours and as TBS friend Ian Higgins said today “I hope we do more than pray for Paris”.

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