Long Reads: Obama & Netanyahu, A man lost at sea and Hillary’s supporters

In this week’s Long Reads, Richard Jackson highlights the finer point of Obama & Netanyahu’s relationship, Hillary relationship with the Democratic supporter base and a man who was lost at sea (without a volleyball in sight).


Scenes from a marriage – Amir Tibon & Tal Shalev (Huffington Post)

This article is a thorough examination of the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu. It is no secret that there is animosity between the two: they disagree on how the Israel and Palestine situation should be handled and they have very public squabbles.

Examples include: when Netanyahu broke protocol by accepting an invitation to speak at a joint meeting of the US Congress, where he chastised Obama’s deal with the Iranians or when, in front of the press at the White House, Netanyahu decided to lecture Obama on Israeli history. What this article does so well is show how the different sides misinterpret intentions and how that twists the relationship.


Lost at sea: The man who vanished for 14 months – Jonathan Franklin (The Guardian)

You may remember the photos of a dishevelled looking Salvador Alvarenga, who washed up on the shore of Tile Islet, a small island that is part of Ebon Atoll, after 438 days adrift at sea, 6,800 miles away from his home in Mexico.

This is Salvador’s story; a story of survival, of desperation and fortitude. Unfortunately, Salvador didn’t have a volleyball to keep him company. J’accuse Tom Hanks!


Does Labor actually like Hillary Clinton? – Michael J. Mishak (National Journal)

Hillary Clinton has a complex relationship with her own side of politics, which is exacerbated by its ever-shifting landscape. It is difficult to decide what she does for political expedience and her being challenged from the left by Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination makes for an interesting Presidential race. In this article, journalist Michael Mishak interviews numerous union members and leading labor groups, the Democratic Party’s traditional supporter base, to get a sense for the ground support for Hillary.

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