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Rent-A-Crowd and career queuing – the other crowdsourcing industry

Need a career change? TBS has discovered an industry where showing up and doing as little as possible is the only prerequisite.

Woody Allen once said that 90% of success is showing up. That truism has never been more apt in a primordial subset of the business world we discovered online. One that is both extremely spurious and a very fitting human allegory. Growing up through school (or through movies) taught us that we need to be different, or unique, or at the barest of minimums, we need to stand out in a crowd.

A fine theory, but life is often not like that. Fortunately, there is a career path we can pursue. The one that celluloid promised us.

Now – you can stand out in a crowd.

Yes, folks that’s right, with the exciting world of Rent-a-Crowding! Where you get paid a pittance to stand around and make a place look busier. It might just be my moral compass, but purchasing an audience to make your business look larger is like doping for the Olympics.

It just makes sense.

Think about it, no more enduring meetings that should have been an email, you’ll no longer be cuffed to the office. You won’t even have an office. Your office is nature, mannn. Every day would be a work trip.

Who has that?

This idea, based on the tenets of laziness, has gone glamour with one New York (Robert Samuel) starting a business (Same Ole Line Dudes) where, for a fee (USD $20 p/h), he’ll take your place, queueing for something for which you can’t be bothered waiting. Be it New York’s fickle cronuts, dope kicks and/or tickets to La Traviata. 

Mr. Samuel claims that his business is “New York’s ONLY Professional Line Sitting Team”, which begs the alternate question, is there a ramshackle independent line sitting industry for those who do it not for the throes of professionalism, but merely for the joy?

Hey, if you can make it to the front of the line there, you can make it anywhere.

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