Generation Self: It’s for all of us, so belt up

Proud Generation Y’er Kate Turner has come out in defence of her generation, saying Gen X should blame themselves for the current landscape.


Dear Generation X…

For the love of God, would you please calm your tits!

I felt compelled to write about the hate my generation is receiving from a large majority of you peeps. I aim this at you because you’re the main people we’re getting grief from. It’s you whinging on replay, every bloody day. Why not take a chill out from the peace out or a flight on the calm kite? My point is, shut up and join the now brigade. You’re bumming us and our privileged lives out.

Or if you care not for that, how about a moment’s thought about how you’re complete hypocrites?

There, I said it: hypocrites!

Why? Well, how about your annoyance aimed at us in regards to well-worn topics like work ethics and the corporate ladder – how we don’t bother climbing and just expect to jump right to the top? Or how we believe in the act of self-importance, and we’re self-entitled lazy mofo’s, that our “un-deserved” confidence is not court?

Well, older siblings, do you hear yourselves? Does anything sound familiar? You were, and are, exactly the same as us “little brats.”

If I’m not mistaken, your generation pissed off and continues to piss off the baby boomers as much as we do you. Why? Because you too felt and feel entitled to live in the now…the now back then. Your young adulthood was a new wave for baby boomers too. You knew that, and it didn’t stop. And thank God you didn’t, honestly we thank you, because otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are now; in a place where it’s possible to live our every waking dream.

This is why we don’t settle for second best today. No, we don’t want to work were we have no interest; who in the fuck does, yo? Instead, we set our sights on the target and move in for the kill. I’m sick of being shamed because I don’t want to work just anywhere and that I would like to be paid better for a position in my job of choosing. And trust me, we work hard, we really do.

We just want to be happy in life.

I watched too many people from the baby boomers and Gen X go to and from work, utterly depressed at life.

It destroys people. We won’t stand for that.

And look, I’m sure most of my Gen Y would agree that we don’t understand Gen Z – like, at all. But like all of our gens, they’re living in a different time too. Doesn’t mean I have to dick on about it. I could actually learn a thing or two from them.

Reality: We’re in a time of “me.” A time when wanting the best for yourself in every way is not a bad, self-centred pursuit. It’s smart. You want to live your dreams? Well you can. I mean, depending on the dream, you could get accredited to live it within just a few hours of study on the Internet. Seriously! You can go online and become whatever the hell you want at your own pace and become qualified and have the right tools. Then you have your certificate and away you go with the real possibility of getting that dream career.

We live in a world where everything is within reach. We don’t have to wait for it, so why take the long route?

Gen Y; we’re fast movers, we see, we grasp, we use and we succeed. So the world has offered us the opportunity to live our dreams right now on a blinging gold dinner plate. And if you’ve got enough passion, draw and motivation, you can make big things happen fast. Impossible is no longer a word we live under.

Limitless is our motto.

We may jump from one job to the next until we find the one that screams, “Yes…this shiz is my jam!” back at us. But that’s because we learnt not to dick around with needless crap from you lot.

And the cry that we don’t work hard…are you fucking kidding me? The pressure is on to live bigger and better now. Yes, things are easier to grasp these days, and we have you to thank for that. You paved the way, so you can see why it would be confusing to us as to why you would be pissed. I mean now that we’re actually living in your creation, and living it well, mind you…you’re angry? I mean, what’s good Miley…what’s good?

So let me put it like this. Every generation will have a problem with the next, in how they do things, what they believe and what not. Well duh, we grew up in different times; of course, it’s going to be different. But once you understand we all live as self-entitled opinionated wankchops, the less mad you become and realise we’re the same.

Are we rude? No, we’re assertive…there’s a difference! We’re loud; know it all, me, me, me people? Well if we are, so are you! Just listen to yourselves wine about how Gen Y suck! How baby boomers suck…shut up already. Aren’t you lonely up on your pedestal?

You show respect and kindness to us, you’ll get it back tenfold.

To finish this bitchin’ session, times are changing, everything’s changing. The way we live, the speed in which we live, our beliefs, the way the world is run, what’s right and wrong…all of it. The world ain’t going to stop moving just because it ain’t the way it was.

So buckle up and join the rest of us in the whirlwind.


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