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TBS Likes is a strange place where anything goes. Like International Waters, or Christmas morning after the shine has worn off and the booze has kicked in. May the ugliness commence.

Stormtroopers invade loungeroom for Christmas

Star Wars Stormtroopers (aided by Facebook user Kyle Shearrer) have invaded a loungeroom erect a Christmas Tree. The cheer is strong in this one.

Winning the Internet for the day is a hard thing to do, especially around the insanity of the festive season; but thanks to the ‘Dream Team’ of Facebooker Kyle Shearrer and his Dad, their efforts are worthy of the crown.

Through the manipulation of a handful of Stormtrooper Figurines (and a Yorkie Terrier) they were able to engineer a tableau of truly epic proportions, one which the total laurels of geekdom should be bestowed upon them. (Are you listening, Mark Hamill?)

From the erection of the base, to the completion (Replete with a visit from the boss) It gets marvellously ridiculous. Especially when you notice the insane amount of detail put into the background (look for the fork incident) the whole thing makes you scratch your noodle in respectful confusion.

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One criticism though, Kyle – I find your lack of Lights disturbing.

Catch the full story here.



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