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TBS Muse provides readers with quick snapshots on topical and weird news that is currently floating around on the internets.

What up, nerds. Regular readers of TBS know we all about readin’ the classic shizzle, but for those not in the book ‘hood, we’ve found Thug Notes.

Literary pretence is a real problem whether it’s due to the stigma, or the assumption that you’ve read the classics and know the thematic questions. You can’t turn to your friends, or worse yet, the multi-layered cliques of Book Club. So questions go unanswered, and horribly, books go unread.

That’s not fair. If only there was an impartial teacher, who’s not lacquered with assumptive snootery, but who just deals in straight-up facts.

Youtube user ‘Wisecrack’ is in the same school of thought, so they’ve hired Sparky Sweets PhD to cut through the literary world’s shenanigans to get real. Fo’ Real.

This week, Sparky Sweets summarises the oft-quoted wizardry of J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. Explaining the vast symbolism and who meant what to who.

And we do mean you, Caufield.

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