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Library of loss: Tumblr page documents last messages

Over on Tumblr, a page displays the vicious and frequently heartbreaking last messages received from loved ones.

Loss is a beast with many faces; it is a lucky few who have an absolute ending with a loved one to hold onto; one where you both said what needed to be said, one where you can recall the sharp imagery of that day.

The reality, as we all know, plays out differently. ‘The End’ in most instances, lives in the cold silences of unreturned text messages, unanswered phone calls, or last words unspoken due to a poverty of opportunity.

In this vein, a Tumblr page “The Last Message Received” charts the bitterness of The End. Powered solely by anonymous contributors, the page is a brutal index of ire and a stark summation of sorrow. Living memories plucked from bitter inboxes and saved voicemails, showcased in the name of catharsis.

For the majority, it is a hard read, the prosaic everyday messages highlighted by the tragic circumstances, further coupled by the outpouring of regret that the contributors felt; armed with the benefit of hindsight:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.43.30 PM

Although these people are strangers, the honest grief strikes close to home, and even if you haven’t faced the exact situation they have, it’s a sobering trip through relatable pain.

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