You’d be forgiven for dismissing news that Sydney’s first official inter-species marriage between a feline & a canine might be another lavish & somewhat ridiculous misuse of funds as reported by the tabloids.

Yet when Cadman’s Cottage & Billich Gallery staged the exclusive nuptials of Charlie & Bentley last weekend, it was, according to respective mothers of the ‘bride and groom’, Christa Billich and Amana Hart, a celebration for a very worthy cause.

The ceremony included a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur to convey the bridal party, before some 200 guests who witnessed the ceremony, and partied into the wee hours.

Monika’s Pet Rescue, a largely-volunteer based shelter, which operates by a strict ‘no-kill’ policy was the beneficiary of all donations raised on the night, thanks to the generosity of local designers and business people, including Clatyon Bespoke & Industrial Bling, who designed a custom ruby engagement ring, featured in an original oil artwork painted by artist, Charles Billich for the occasion.

“The truth is that 3 pets are abandoned every hour at Christmas, so I think this is the most important time of the year to send the message that pets are not presents, and the more we can do to support Monika in her efforts the better”, offers Amana.

“Absolutely, and with Charlie being a rescued dog, Monika has all my support and I look forward to contributing to her work every year. The pets who find their way to Monika are really the lucky ones”, echoes Christa.

The pair, flanked by the newlyweds made their way to Monika’s Rescue headquarters in Ingleside this week to present cheques in excess of $12,000 to Monika Biernacki, “I can’t thank everyone enough for the money raised! It will make such a difference in how we can help the dogs”.

Monika was also overjoyed when given the news that TBS would also aid her cause by offering her shelter a Digital Advertising package. You can also help Monika’s Rescue and give an abandoned dog a very happy Christmas by donating here:

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