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Politics: Will Smith’s first campaign ad

With Will Smith announcing that he’ll be running for US President, TBS has exclusively analysed his first campaign ad.


Goosed into action by the candidacy of Donald Trump, film actor Will Smith has conceded that he “may be forced to run for President.” With his command of the political vernacular showing signs of development, the question is: what kind of politician would Smith be?

Fortunately, the political analysis team at The Big Smoke have procured Will Smith’s first Presidential campaign ad. In it, Smith candidly charts his tough inner-city upbringing and his forced relocation from his home because of unchecked gang crime.

From this campaign ad, we are able to create a picture of what a Will Smith portfolio might look like.

Campaign ad:


Smith is a candidate hailing from the constituent of West Philadelphia. His great political weapon is the adversity he has faced and overcome.

Smith has bettered his location in an effort to better himself. The embodiment of manifest destiny.

His story should resonate with voters across the board.

Smith’s methods will no doubt be difficult to translate into the modern political climate; as the ad shows, Smith appointed himself the heir of an arcane feudalistic system of his new constituent (Bel-Air). That being said, he was able to adapt into his new political climate almost immediately.

The move itself may come in for some heavy political flak, as those opposing Smith will undoubtably raise the question of why he left his marginalised blue-collar constituent, one that he was “born and raised” no less, for the more elitist white-collar seat he has now proclaimed himself the “Prince” of.

While Smith has traded in his public for a larger seat, he may be able to bring blue-collar “can do” spirit into the white-collar beauraucracy.


Mr Smith is a purveyor of crime. He is shown early in the video disrespecting both the police and private property by “tagging” a wall. On the surface it seems that Smith is lax on crime. Or is he? By showing early on that he has committed these acts, it thereby nullifies its use as a political weapon.

Smith may also be perhaps currying votes from his own backyard (the art/entertainment sector) by highlighting the issue that graffiti is art.

That being said, Smith cheapens the widespread gang crime in his area by referring to it as “one little fight.” A puzzling attitude, given the gang violence is the primary reason of his well-known relocation.


Unproven fiduciary constraint. The ad clearly shows him reaping the benefits both first-class air travel and unnecessary political entitlement (imbibing orange juice from a champagne flute).

Inner city socio-economically disadvantaged voters may feel detached from candidate, as would garden-variety democrats who may perceive this free-spending as a republican move.


Unknown. Smith is shown to favour sport over curricular pursuits.

Family values:

Shows strong family values. Smith listens to his mother, a strong move that shows he will listen to A) older voters and B) extol the value of the previous generation’s experience. Added to this is Smith’s ease of transition into an unconventional home, echoing the varied patchwork of the modern American family. Could be a huge part of Smith’s run.


Can Will Smith go to Washington? We’re unsure. But we can offer this: if Smith is serious about the presidency, he’ll have to start facing his battles instead of running from them.


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