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Richard Jackson moved to Australia from Northern Ireland. He likes it here but detests that parking meters often don't supply change.

Long Reader Richard Jackson is back with a series of compelling articles that touch on a horrible recount of rape, discrimination of same-sex foster couples and the story behind One Hundred Years of Solitude.


An unbelievable story of rape – Christian Miller & Ken Armstrong (Propublica)

Rarely do you get a piece of journalism that is told in such a compelling way that it completely absorbs you into the narrative, and despite the horrible reality within this text, it reads with the ease of a fast-paced summer blockbuster of a novel. Phenomenal work.

The secret history of One Hundred Years of Solitude – Paul Elie (Vanity Fair)

I haven’t read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s seminal work One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is a weird thing to admit when I am recommending the biographical/behind the scenes piece about how the book came to be.

The fact that the writing is so tight and that it focuses on the novel’s impact on the audience rather than its content makes it a strong read.

The piece asks “How is it that this novel could be sexy, entertaining, experimental, politically radical and wildly popular all at once?” and it’s a sentiment that I find encouraging and reassuring. It’s good to know that the public embraced a difficult novel with open arms, rather than the usual trash that seems to pass through the hands of the general populace.

How baby Isabella went from this couple to an alleged child abuser – David Mack (Buzzfeed)

Authorities in Kansas are under fire for allegedly discriminating against same sex foster couples. A case of child abuse thrust the issue into public light, when a baby girl was removed from a lesbian couple and physically abused at the next residence in which she was placed.

The bureaucracy makes for grim reading.

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