2015. What a crazy, horrible and beautiful year it was. Youtubers Vox take us through every grating event. In four minutes or less!

As the days wind down into the long hours to call the end of 2015 and while we’re in the last calendar page of the year,

The emergence of ISIS, standing on the ripped backdrop of a tortured and diminished Syria, unleashing the triple-canopied hell of Paris, Beirut & Kenya birthing the bloodied lily of our better sides. The language of violence spoke again in South Carolina, Ferguson & San Bernardino, and with it, old debates exhumed across the Pacific, where those thinking of the future, argued with those who rigidly pointed to the past.

2015 was a canvas that was mostly painted with the brush of Hate, but among the bitter mosaic there lay finite well-etched brushstrokes of Love, individually and collectively as the momentous Same-sex marriage decision was made law in the land of free, but, shamefully, not in the land of the lucky.

Waffling aside, Youtube dynamos Vox have knocked together a refresher of the news that made International waves in the year that was.

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