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Christmas shopping: Shop better, with or without annoying songs

Struggling under Christmas shopping stress? Thanks to science (and common sense) we’ve found an easier way to navigate next year’s craziness.


Each year, we all make New Year’s resolutions we don’t stick to. One particularly noble (and tired) resolution is to be far more organised for next Christmas – a vow usually made on Christmas Eve when we suddenly remember the cousins we have to buy presents for but haven’t spoken to in 12 months.

It’s madness. And we say, it’s got to stop.

Yesterday, Castle Hill shoppers claimed they were stuck in the car park for almost three hours waiting to move around – WTF – and apparently Millennials are the absolute worst at leaving all their Christmas Shopping until Christmas Eve (guys, you suck). I know it’s a bit late (and not nice) for “I told you so’s” but we have been, for months, telling you about Shopping Ninja. Not only could you have avoided the mad rush, but you could have received a better price. Sorry. Download it here and get your life together.

These reports of Christmas mayhem had us thinking though…what is it about Christmas that causes us to become mad, cranky or overly chirpy? (Equally annoying.)

Scientific research has found that certain Christmas tunes can trigger different reactions in people, but get this: the happier the song, the more annoying it is likely to be! (Depending on your headspace.) For example, faster songs (think Rocking around the Christmas tree) are more likely to evoke panic in shoppers who have just made that “I don’t have any money and have to buy for 10 people – what am I doing with my life?” realisation. The study showed that if you were already somewhat stressed, or haven’t quite ended the year how you would have liked, these songs will trigger more Yuletide stress instead of Christmas joy.

The research also found that if you were receptive to carols and a bit more relaxed about the holiday season, Christmas tunes were more likely to trigger sentimental feelings and evoke memories of your childhood. Retailers apparently know all about this, which is why it can be strategic to play the calmer carols, as shoppers are more likely to browse slowly and shop more, whereas the faster Christmas tunes tend to put shoppers into a frantic state, causing them to rush out of the store.

What does all of this really tell us, though? Well, if you leave Christmas shopping to the last minute, you deserve to be stuck in a car park for three hours (in Castle Hill no less!) and that maybe you just get your life together, download Shopping Ninja and watch Tom Jones be legit festive creepy:


Shopping Ninja is currently powering The Big Smoke Emporium.

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