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Current Affairs Wrap: Victoria’s Inferno burns as does Miss Colombia

A Prime Minister saves a life, Bushfires threatened countless more and the gaffe of all gaffes at the Miss Universe Pageant. All in Rob Idol’s Current Affairs Wrap.


Hello, all and welcome to the final TBS Current Affairs Wrap for 2015. Crazy Global Weather, Presidential Christmas Miracles and the faux pas to end all faux pas at the Miss Universe contest are merely the tip of a very strange iceberg.


It appears that Father Christmas may not be a fan of Global Warming Sceptics as Christmas has delivered record breaking temperatures along the Eastern coast of the United States in the middle of Winter.

New York had its warmest Christmas on record with the temperature in Central Park just after midnight hitting 66 degrees (around 19 celsius). A little further north in Rhode Island’s capital Providence, temperatures reached 64 degrees (around 18 celsius), another Christmas record. The south didn’t miss out on the action with Savannah reaching a record breaking 82 degrees (around 28 degrees celsius).

Maybe it’s less a shot against the anti-warm movement and more an attempt by Mother Nature to promote unity as Sydney in the middle of summer experienced only one degree more than New York on Christmas Eve. Or maybe I’ve had too much egg nog.

Continuing the Christmas theme, we move from small talk about the weather to acts of unexpected kindness in Turkey. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was travelling with his motorcade along Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge when he spotted a man preparing to commit suicide by leaping off the edge. President Erdogan and his Presidential party managed to convince the man not to end his life; all of this after two hours of unsuccessful attempts by the police to achieve the same.

It wasn’t all rosy miracles in Turkey, however, as hacking group Anonymous launched a sizeable cyber attack on the country in response to their belief that the Turkish Government has been supporting ISIS.

The attack brought down more than 400,000 websites in Turkey, eventually resulting in the Turkish Government being forced to cut all foreign traffic to all Turkish websites (those with the .tr suffix). The group have indicated that if support for ISIS doesn’t stop immediately that their attacks will escalate to the point of destroying Turkey’s banking infrastructure and critical military targets.


Christmas along the Victorian coastline has unfortunately brought tragedy for many as an out of control bushfire has destroyed 116 homes. Thankfully there have been no lives lost however the damage bill has been estimated at $38 million and rising.

The fire moved rapidly and unexpectedly with the popular tourist town of Lorne being evacuated with very little notice. AAP photographer Julian Smith described the scene as “post-apocalyptic” with half eaten or not touched food being left on restaurant and cafe tables, a telling sign of the haste with which the town was abandoned.

The bushfires have also put the popular Falls Festival under threat. The festival is held in Lorne each year from the 28th of December for four days; whilst the immediate threat from the fires is gone, for now, the original farm location was deemed a potentially high risk. Festival organisers, with some assistance from the organiser of the “A Day on the Green” festivals, have managed to secure a new location at Mount Duneed Estate, just north of Torquay.

A big shout out from all of us at TBS to the brave and tireless Firies that gave up their Christmas celebrations to put themselves in harm’s way.

Kim Vuga, a former participant on the SBS program “Go Back to Where You Came From” and now aspiring Senator and founder of the “Love Australia or Leave” political party has accused her employers of discriminating against her, giving lovers of irony like myself a well-deserved present.

Ms Vuga has been advised by her employer, Townsville Hospital, that section 44 of the Australian constitution requires a state public sector employee to resign before contesting an election and as such, requested her resignation within seven days of a letter sent on the 17th of December. Mr Vega has suggested that her employer isn’t a fan because of her political views and that she is being discriminated against for being too controversial. Completing the cliche that is her persona, she suggested the move was “un-Australian”.

Look at me Kimmy….look at meeeeee. No….it’s not un-Australian; you are. Australia is a country proudly built on multi-culturalism; you are running on a policy platform that would ban all Muslim immigration including refugees. You are as far from an Australian as it is possible to be and if you don’t like what we really represent, then maybe it’s time for you to “Love Australia or Leave”.

Wacky and Wonderful

Everyone’s favourite comeback kid, Robert Downey Jr was this week pardoned by Governor Jerry Brown for drug and weapons offences during the 1990’s. The move is mostly symbolic but does allow Downey Junior to serve on a Jury again.

Whether this is a good thing or not will really depend on whether you’re on team Captain America or team Iron Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie series.

American television host, Steve Harvey, may want to rethink any upcoming travel plans to Columbia after absolutely botching his role as host of the recent Miss Universe contest.

Harvey awarded the coveted title to Ariadna Gutierrez, otherwise known as Miss Columbia. Her celebrations were short lived as Harvey returned to the stage to announce that there had been a “horrible mistake” and that Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as in fact the actual winner.

To complete the humiliation, the crown was literally taken from Miss Columbia’s head and placed on Miss Philippines. No word on whether Mr Harvey will be asked back to host, or whether he is in the witness protection programme.

That’s it for 2015 folks – on behalf of all of us here at TBS, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year!





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