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Cosby Charged: Lawyers say the darndest things

With Bill Cosby formally charged with Indecent Assault, there are some who claim that justice is pointless, because minds are made up.


The Cosby sweater will now be exclusively available in a shade of Orange, after the former Television star was formally charged with Aggravated Indecent Assault today in the US. The patriarch of the Cosby family was lead into the Montgomery County Court in Philadelphia in a wobbled nonchalance, both with his head seeking horizontal borders to refute the charges and too the laws of gravity. Cosby caught himself before voiding his balance and gifting the massed media what they craved. Brevity.


The media hawks didn’t need the fall, because he’s already met the floor.

Cosby moves with the eerie otherworldly movement of a still-life painting. A portrait that breathes, but has no life. He looks as if he has been taken off a wall, and placed at the feet of justice. His purported crimes speak for themselves, but the image endures. Even if it is played up by Cosby, but if it is to curry pity, and by some grace of whomever, Cosby was found innocent, it matters little. The tar of doubt and mistrust will forever be stuck on him.

That would represent Cosby’s best case scenario.

As this is his the first charge brought against him, we’re bearing witness to the first steps toward bitter catharsis, and to the definition of the entry named Cosby upon History’s page. Cosby remained mute before and during proceedings, as he entered no plea nor deflect any of the barbed arrows that were slung upon his arrival.

The man himself made no hint of it. He didn’t unleash the king hell crazy he is supposedly capable of, Cosby remained mute before and during proceedings; he entered no plea nor did he deflect any of the barbed arrows that were slung toward him at his arrival.

Bail has been set at $1m.


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