The entire universe – in one photo!

Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi has created an image which displays the entire universe in one flabbergasting frame.

As Keanu Reeves succinctly put it: Whoa. Artist/Musician Pablo Carlos Budassi has completed the monumentally beautiful task of holding the universe in a jar. The technical term for his artwork is an ‘illustrated logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe’, but either or really. In the words of the man himself:

“When I was drawing hexaflexagons for my son’s birthday souvenirs, I started drawing central views of the cosmos and the Solar System,” Budassi told Tech Insider. “That day the idea of a logarithmic view came, and in the next days I was able to assemble it with Photoshop using images from NASA and some textures created on my own.”

Pablo Carlos Budassi

Pablo Carlos Budassi



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