Are you a Seinfeld fan who is saving up to travel to Melbourne to visit the new hyped up “George Constanza bar”? Read this review first…


You have probably heard by now that the world’s first bar dedicated to Seinfeld‘s George Constanza has just opened up in Melbourne, with Jason Alexander himself tweeting:

So with all the hype, what is it actually like?


It was just like any other bar really, apart from an awful smoker’s area in the front door that was way too small. There were some decals of Jason Alexander’s face around the place and a couple of framed pictures, but there was plenty of completely unrelated stuff in there also.
As a Seinfeld fan, I think there should have been more, instead of a big totally unrelated mural down one wall.

On the wall, they could have had a print blown up of George’s office in Yankee Stadium. And some yankees merch about the place (there was none at all). They could have made a couple of cocktails and named them after his baby name ideas from the show (soda and seven)…those are just quick ideas I had. I just feel the bar doesn’t have enough.

It’s really just a bar with a couple of Jason Alexander decals on the wall…I can’t help but feel that if Jason Alexander actually visited Melbourne and went there he’d be a little let down.

I’m not saying it’s a bad bar. They had a decent stocked bar and the drinks on average are a dollar or two cheaper than Naked For Satan around the corner. For a random person to just walk in and see it, it would be cool.

It just disappoints me that it looks more like they used the George Costanza thing as a gimmick, rather than being true fans of the character.





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