Approx Reading Time-8A design genius has created a coffee table that depicts the warped architecture of Inception. It’s the stuff of dreams. Or is it?

Have you ever watched Inception and thought, “dang, that looks like fun”?

Good news, you are not alone! Designer Stelios Mousarris is right there with you.

So much so, in fact, that he created the Wave City Coffee Table.

The extraordinary piece, which goes for a cool €4000.00 ($8251.00 AUD), was inspired by the scene in which Ariadne folds Paris upon itself and is built from wood, steel and 3D printed technology.

While Reddit users will have you believe it would make a smashing (if somewhat uncomfortable) toboggan, we at TBS think it’s the stuff of dreams.

Or reality. We’re not sure.

How did we get here?

Wave City Coffee Table Front

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