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Collective Noun: The perils of phone addiction

Approx Reading Time-10Collective Noun have uncovered a shocking new trend in society: phone addiction. Do you know anyone who suffers from it? (Or do you yourself??)


Collective Noun ask themselves questions; questions the rest of us don’t. Example: what is the most dangerous, vicious and/or ruthless killer of time in suburbia? Turns out it’s those harmless things resting your hands. Yes, phones. (NB: treat yourself to a smirk and a shifty glance if you thought we were talking about cocks.) Yes, phones: the tyranny of society.

Is anyone that you know a user? Do you suffer from phone addiction?

Well, hopefully not. But after this shocking exposé you will be at least armed with the pertinent facts. Or not.

Social conditioning experts Collective Noun know all about the war raging between man and phone, and are here to help.


Who are Collective Noun?

Well, who better to explain than…themselves?

“Each week we will deliver good ol’ fashion farm fresh sketch videos to you. Our sketches are grown free range using only the best organic scripts, so it’s guilt-free viewing. Sketch comedy, just like grandma used to make; that’s the Collective Noun guarantee.”

Collective Noun is the insane construct of Zach Mander, Michael Parente, Sam Borgert and Dom Fay.

Get can find more Collective Noun at:

More videos – youtube.com/collectivenouncomedy
FB – facebook.com/collectivenouncomedy
Twitter – @collectivenoun_

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