Thug Notes: George Orwell – Animal Farm

Approx Reading Time-8What up, broletariats? For today’s lesson, we have Sparky Sweets PHd to explain George Orwell’s subtextual dig at socialism, Animal Farm.


All YouTube classic literature analysis was born equal, but some is more equal than others, yo. This week we are graced by the return of our favourite street English doctorate, Sparky Sweets, to cut through the subtext of Orwell’s Animal Farm. And thank Napoleon (the pig, not the general).

Animal Farm is a wondrous text, bathed in symbolism and subtext. The farm animals obviously represent a figure from history, but who is who? You can look it up, but it seriously cramps one’s reading flow. And that ain’t right.

Let not English/History majors have all the fun and colour our enjoyment of Orwell’s opus. So before you head down to the farm, slide past Mr Sweet’s palatial, learned crib.


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