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Short celeb impersonations for short spans


Approx Reading Time-8Ross Marquand imitates life with his celebrity impersonations, and it has blown our tiny minds. So, we had to share.


The celebrity impersonation is a fickle, polarising beast. It comes in two coats. One of gold or complete shite. Unfortunately, talent is not directly equated to enthusiasm. Old Mate from Accounts is not Kevin Spacey, despite his inability to be convinced otherwise.

Length is another issue, as Messrs Coogan and Brydon proved during The Trip – 90 minutes of gun impersonation (briefly interspersed by moments of extra-marital jousting), can be grating.

Cue the entrance of a tuxedoed chameleon named Ross Marquand, who has boiled down his impersonation game to a blink of the eye. And thank you, Ross, because frankly, it’s not about the journey, it’s about how much you sound like the guy. J’Accuse, Craig from Payroll.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Antonio Banderas forgetting his password? Or Michael Caine failing to open a jar?

Bravo, Ross.

That’s champagne impersonation.





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