The Oregon Standoff: explained in 3 minutes!

Approx Reading Time-10The armed occupation of the Malheur National Refuge is now in it’s 19th day. Youtubers Vox summarise the Oregon Standoff. In three minutes!

“The Oregon Standoff” has been tattooed on the arms of US news networks (and on the fringes of ours) ever since an armed group occupied government owned land on January 2.

The main downside of living across the pond, is that there is often a lack of an initial explanation of the issue. If we miss the start, the middle makes no sense, which usually makes us skim the conclusion, due to a lack of context.

For example, despite the aggressive approach taken in Oregon, why has there not been an equally aggressive counter move taken by the US Government? Who occupies what, what do they desire, how long are they willing to wait, and what do they face?

Those are questions.

Fortunately for us, those wizards at Vox have knocked together a refresher of the first two chapters thus far.




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