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Approx Reading Time-8What it do, playa? The earnest genius of Sparky Sweets PHd extracts the real meaning behind a book of shameful context, Nabokov’s Lolita.

On the surface, Lolita is a shameful book. The protagonist burns bridges and fires loins in the pursuit of his one-and-only, twelve-year-old Dolores aka Lolita.


Marriages fall by the wayside, emotions are trampled and we, the bystanders in this fleshy car accident, look for the exit…Humbert – you wrong, son!

But to judge Vladimir Nabokov‘s opus without being armed with the meanings behind the acts is plain wrong. Frankly, I dismissed the book as awkward trash, but no longer. What begins as a cross between Jerry Springer and what 50 Shades wanted to be, is an extremely bracing mind. Our guide, Sparky Sweets, explains the symbolism within Lolita, but somehow doesn’t extinguish your desire to read it. Props where props be due.

Straight up.

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