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The Court of Public Opinion: Mitchell Pearce

Approx Reading Time-8Common sense is a busy courtroom, and this week we’re seeking a suitable punishment for Mitchell Pearce.


Following on from last week, we’d like to congratulate and ask all to rise for Facebook user Rachaell A Harris who earned the honourable title of Judge with her sentencing upon Mark Latham:

“Don’t pay him attention…he has no power per se, and these types of statements are verbal tantrums. If you must do something, make him sit with Miranda Devine.”

Well said. A very special nationwide cold shoulder is in the mail, Mr Latham.

Onto the next case, where we will examine the actions of the defendant, one Mitchell Pearce.

The Crime: Intoxicated sexual harassment across genders and species.

The Punishment: I sentence Mitchell Pearce to be stripped, bound hand and foot, rolled in peanut butter and tossed into a glass cage, where a pack of hungry dogs will be released. A group of women, wearing yellow dresses will cheer them on. He probably wouldn’t die, but it’d be uncomfortable – Justice S. Hamill

Ahoy TBS jurors! Can you think of a fitting punishment for Mr Pearce? If so, pop it in the comment section below.

Best punishment bags you the honourable (and printed) title of Kangaroo Court Judge for next week! (It’d look good on the res!)

Get judgin’.


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  1. Tim said:

    His punishment should be to hold hands with Andrew Bolt for 2 hours in the middle on Manly Corso!

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