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Approx Reading Time-8Our main literary playa Sparky Sweets is here to drop some home made truth about Hemingway’s subtextual masterpiece, The Sun Also Rises.

The Sun Also Rises
is Hemingway’s grandest and most complicated book. Papa, at the height of his powers, strongly leans on subtext and symbolism to trot out what he witnessed in the circles of his people, the so-called “Lost Generation.”

Set in 1920s Paris, we follow Jake and his set around the dope cribs of Hemingway’s youth. The friends drink, smoke, joust, fight and write their days away, before heading to Spain for a fiesta. Sounds great, right?

Well, if you’re reading the book, not paying attention and focusing on the how, you get sucked in by Hemingway’s trite prose and think, yeah, that holiday would be sweet.

Damn, son. Hemingway’s book says it without saying it, as our homie Sparky Sweets PhD drops dope analysis of Papa’s opus.

Watch this before rolling up the book.

Strongly recommended, yo.

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