The blurst of Reddit: Shufflin’ Straight Outta Bethlehem

Approx Reading Time-10Kate Turner is back with her usual looting of the tasteless vessel Reddit, featuring a rap that’s Straight Outta Bethlehem.

Rappin’ for Jesus

When my brother Scott and I were little youngsters growing up in regal Tasmania with our brother/father (getting in before the born Mainlanders!) we were avid songwriters. I would belt out the power ballad chorus like a young Marcia Hines and he would rap a thuggin’ beat that was worthy of the Apple Isle’s top 40. We grew up in a Christian household, so the main man himself, Jesus, was the theme of many a classic hit, like our ecclesiastical banger I Want Some Jesus!

We cringe a little thinking of it nowadays, but coming across this fucked up religious rap by some old, controversial, n-word throwin’ white couple who were pastors of the church brought back the memories…minus the use of the n-word.

Featuring the dope hook: Water to wine/He’s a drink exchanger…and he died for your sins.

Cringe on.


Sex offender shuffle

On the theme of cringe, trip over this head scratcher/forked road of taste. Should you laugh or shake your head in bitter disgust?

Sex offenders should be named and shamed, but in the application of punishment, how about making them appear in a music video? The below clip only features comedic actors, so it’s meant for a dark-humoured laugh, which is the best kind of humour (in my humble opinion.)

 Don’t diss Leonardo DiCaprio, or The Revenant!

The entire Reddit community is getting hyped about Leo’s possible Oscar this year. We’ve been behind him for years, yelling myriad muffled shout outs for the day he grasps that statue. Finally, this may be his year!

In this lil’ comedic clip, it seems he thinks so too. Don’t fuck with DiCaprio!

Leo must be real proud of his work.

Honorable Mentions:

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