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Richard Jackson

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Richard Jackson moved to Australia from Northern Ireland. He likes it here but detests that parking meters often don't supply change.

Approx Reading Time-10Richard Jackson is back with handful of long text to ease whatever happened last night, featuring a restaurant genius in Sydney and the dark side of the long con.


The Noma Way – Tienlen Ho (California Sunday)

I love cooking, so this was a great find, especially because of its geographical location. Noma, a Michelin-starred Copenhagen-based restaurant has opened in Sydney for a ten-week residency. The great thing about this piece is that you get a greater sense of appreciation about how the chef’s personality is encoded within the DNA of the restaurant, and how it ultimately plays an important part in culinary success or failure.


The lives and lies of a professional impostor – James C McKinley Jr and Rick Rojas (The New York Times)

A more malicious Frank Abagnale Jr (the con artist who was the subject of the film Catch me if you can), Jeremy Wilson made a life defrauding financial institutions and friends, lying his way through life under numerous different guises.


Why did two parents murder their adopted child? – Giles Tremlett (The Guardian)

This follows on the similar theme of deception, but it’s far more sinister.

The subject and victim of this story, Asunta Fong Yang, was adopted from China by a wealthy Spanish family. Moving her away from a poverty-stricken background seemed like a noble thing for her adoptive parents to do. Unfortunately, they were putting on a show for the crowd as two years later, Asunta was found dead in a ditch.


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