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Depp plays Trump in feature length biopic

Johnny Depp is back. Playing Donald Trump. In a feature-length TV Movie. Directed by Ron Howard. Yeah, you read that right.

Johnny Depp has spent a career playing costumed characters, outsiders and the unloved, those with extreme personal shortcomings, offset by a towering ‘can-do’ spirit. Be it acceptance through carving hedges in Edward Scissorhands, or his doomed pursuit of the Greatest Movie of All-Time in Ed Wood. But to be fair to Jonathon Depp, it’s been a long time between meaningful drinks.

Until now.

Indie production house Funny or Die has backing Depp to don the wig, to bring life to the world of Real Estate mogul (and potential next POTUS), Donald J. Trump.

Funny or Die have already marketed the movie under the social media banner #FODTrumpMovie The trite fifty-minute dramedy is helmed by Apollo 13 Director Ron Howard, pairing Depp with an adapted screenplay taken from Donald Trump’s book The Art of The Deal to create The Art of The Deal: The Movie.

The trailer is available here, but we can safely predict that after Depp’s towering performance, Leo is set to again miss out at the Academy Awards.


The full movie is available here.


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