Tim Minchin pens charity single to bring victims to Vatican

With Cardinal Pell too sick to attend the Royal Commission, Tim Minchin will be bringing the crowds to him via a jaunty, vicious charity tune. Donate now!


Cardinal Pell has long left Ballarat for the lofty ecclesiastical climes of Rome, but alas, it seems that The ‘Card has fallen ill. So ill in fact, that he’s not well enough to attend the Royal Commission on Child Abuse where he was set to appear. Frankly, no-one likes a canceled gig. Or a sniffle.

Enter Tim Minchin, who shares our concern, and has decided to pen a charity single, Come Home (Cardinal Pell), in an effort to bring the baying crowd to the Vatican. The show, after all, must go on.

Every purchase of Minchin’s single will contribute to the GoFundMe campaign (which currently stands at over $72,000).

As the page itself explains: “with the news that Cardinal Pell could not come here, it seems appropriate to get the survivors to Rome to sit in front of Pell as he gives evidence.”

God bless you, Tim Minchin.


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