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Gretel Killeen is the author of more than twenty books. At various times she hosts radio and television programs across the country, works as a journalist, stand-up comic and voice artist, and writes and directs feature films and documentaries.

The TBS Ten with… Gretel Killeen

Approx Reading Time-10TBS spoke to the Minister for Men, Gretel Killeen, about not listening to her mother about the opposite gender and her upcoming production Smart Arsing.


TBS: What do you think are the key factors in you ending up where you are today, career-wise?

Luck and desperation.

TBS: Who do you consider the most intriguing public figure to watch at the moment?

I couldn’t possibly just name one intriguing public figure, largely because I’m not sure that I could name anyone that could keep me intrigued for the time between me writing their name and this being published. (That’s probably why I’m single.) But at this precise moment I do confess I love the fact that Bernie Sanders exists. (And am hoping he’ll adopt me.)

TBS: What is the worst way for a person to try and get your attention on social media?

The worst way to get my attention on social media is to be mean. The second worst way is to not make sense. The best way to get my attention is to be supportive, encouraging, bright, curious, funny, maybe a little overweight and to be on the scale from average to weird/wealthy in the good looking stakes.

TBS: If you could determine the exact influence you have on a young person, what do you hope she or he would gain from observing you?

I would hope that they would gain tremendous wisdom, see me as a guru, help me create my own tax-free religion and then help me get people’s money.

TBS: What advice would you give a 15-year-old Gretel Killeen?

I would tell my 15-year-old self to believe the stuff that my mum told me about guys.

TBS: What is your most annoying trait?

I love giving advice. I can’t help myself. I give it to people who haven’t asked for it, don’t want it, perhaps don’t even know me. But the most annoying thing of all is that the advice I give is usually wrong.

TBS: What is the one gift you will pretty much always re-gift?

I’m sorry, I can’t answer this question because the gift givers will read it and stop giving me things and then I won’t have anything to regift at Christmas.

TBS: What is your favourite inspirational quote or person, as cliché as it may be?

I have many favourite inspirational people. Today they are Dr Seuss, Thomas Edison and Greta Garbo.

TBS: What are you most excited about at the moment?

Well, I saw an attractive man on a bus this morning and he was quite exciting, but other than that my major preoccupation at this moment is the new live show I’m in. It’s called Smart Arsing and is on at The Opera House on the 3rd and 4th of March. I play the Minister for Men and it’s the first time she’s appeared live on stage. The Minister for Men became an internet sensation last year. Unfortunately, however, she’s been unemployed since Abbott’s dethroning and she’s now desperate for a TV gig. So, she’s organised her very own low-budget TV talk show “pilot” – “part comedy, part music, part gobsmacking opinion, part profound politics, part bad acting and part completely and utterly winging it!” I’m joined by an amazing and ever changing cast including Ray Martin (legendary journalist), Charles Waterstreet (infamous criminal barrister, journalist, author and inspiration for Rake), Beccy Cole and Libby O’Donovan (award winning country and jazz music legends), Joe Hildebrand (TV star, journalist and sexy intellectual), Jordan Raskopoulos (comic and lead singer of the live phenomenon and internet sensation, Axis of Awesome), Lillye (Australia’s very own fabulous heavy metal band, playing something more akin to Disney tunes), Bettina Arndt (Australia’s original fabulous sex therapist), Alex Greenwich (Independent Member for Sydney), Jenny Leong (Greens Member for Newtown), the lovelorn legend that is The Sandman, a mini monarchy of iconic yet top secret international Drag Queens, one top secret international male comic, three of Australia’s leading genius voice artists (Alistair Lee, Robbie McGregor and Joey Moore) and two of Australia’s leading international female comics: Penny Greenhalgh and Nikki Britton!

Try not to miss these amazing shows. They’ll change your life (for the better).

Gretel Killeen is performing with a great gaggle of stars, including The Minister For Men, in “Smart Arsing”, March 3 & 4 at The Sydney Opera House. For bookings go to

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