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Is Bill Shorten the minister of shade? Vote now!

The Shorten zinger that pegged Bernardi was good. But where does it measure in the pantheon of Australian political insults? You decide!



Well played Billiam, you’ve said what we’ve all been thinking. And typing. The key to a good political insult (as in comedy) is all about timing, and while Shorten’s barb has set the collective media and populace either sucking their teeth to minimise the burn, or outwardly raising the roof in a delirious Ricki Lake-ian stupor. The pertinent question remains.

It was good, yes. But how good?

In order to find out, we’ve democratically knocked up some claimants who could arguably move into the Kirribilli House of the Great Australian Jibe.

But who is worthy of the title? Who will be running the shade portfolio? It might even be an election that Shorten could win! (wocka wocka)

Vote now!

A) Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd:

“(He is a) shallow, cynical, immodest, mealy-mouthed, duplicitous, a boy in a bubble, a foreign policy imposter and unfit to lead the nation”


B) Paul Keating to Shadow Treasurer Andrew Peacock:

“I suppose that the honourable gentleman’s hair, like his intellect, will recede into the darkness.”


C) Former Defence Minster James Clare to Tony Abbott:

“(Mr Abbott) stands for nothing. He is the Nancy Reagan of Australian politics without the astrology: say no to everything, just rancid, dripping, relentless negativity.”


D) Peter Garrett to Peter Costello (After the Treasurer sang Midnight Oil lyrics in parliament)

“…You’ve failed the audition”


E) Alexander Downer to Kevin Rudd:

“I was the Leader of the Opposition, I was enormously
popular. I only hope that Mr Rudd suffers the same fate that I did”


F) The prop-based comedy stylings of Julia Gillard.


And finally, the one that we’re all here for, and in our Editor’s humble opinion, the reigning Champion:

G) Paul Keating to John Hewson, in response to his refusal to call an early election.

“The answer is mate…because I want to do you slowly”



So, TBSers, who is your preferred choice for the Minister of Shade? Where does Bill Shorten’s zinger rate? Let us know in the comment section below!

The winner, chosen at random, will receive a gift money can’t buy – “Best of Paul Keating” Youtube video.

Vote Now!



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